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Midwest Rod Run celebrates 50 Years

A half century of showing cars

The Midwest Street Rod Association’s East Central Chapter is a community of passionate car enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the safe and enjoyable love of automobiles. Embracing a culture that values both classic and custom, this group fosters a community where car lovers can share their enthusiasm.

A significant highlight on their calendar is the grand event scheduled for May 25 & 26, 2024.  To mark the 50th Anniversary, they are moving back to the Trackside District, Downtown Columbus for this year’s event during Memorial Day weekend. This milestone celebration aims to be an extraordinary experience for car lovers from across the region. The event serves as a unique car show and allows people to showcase both vintage and customized vehicles, celebrating the rich history of car culture.

More than just a display of cars, this anniversary event is an opportunity for people in Platte County and the surrounding areas to connect, exchange ideas, and invest in a community that shares common interests. Beyond the shiny exteriors and fancy engines, the Midwest Street Rod Association’s East Central Chapter emphasizes the safety and responsible enjoyment of cars. The 50th Anniversary Celebration is set to be a memorable weekend, uniting community members and commemorating a half-century of a shared love for the open road.

The association hopes you can make it and you register early to line the streets with all kinds of vehicles! Cars, trucks, Motorcycles & more!  Pre-register by May 10th, 20024.  For more information, please call Doug Adams at 402-910-2122.

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