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Excitement is building for Casino opening

Horse Racetrack grand stands

Harrah’s Casino set to open in May!

Anticipation is high as Columbus, Nebraska welcomes another strong addition to the community– Harrah’s Casino, the first one in Nebraska! This project signifies an investment into the growing community, promising entertainment and economic improvement. With both a racetrack and casino, the build is an incredible opportunity to attract visitors and enhance local tourism, positioning Columbus as an exciting destination for travelers in the area.

According to, “The property will feature a 1-mile thoroughbred track, which is the longest one in the state. The vibrant casino floor boasts 500 slot machines, a variety of table games, and a Caesars Sportsbook”. This will undoubtedly enhance community engagement and economic growth, bringing endless events into the area. By providing an entertainment hub, the racetrack and casino hope to contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and stimulating businesses in the surrounding area.

The racetrack includes open air seating for 300 attendees, with another 100 enclosed VIP seats. On the main level, there is space for 2,000 additional fans to watch the excitement. Columbus’s history of a family-friendly entertainment will continue when the first races are held August 15, 2024. Parents and kids will enter through a specific door outside the casino to continue this long held tradition. Access to outside dining adds to the entertainment impact.

The Casino also gives Columbus a unique regional draw, bringing in visitors from both neighboring areas and farther away. The new racetrack and casino have the potential to redefine the identity of Columbus, working seamlessly alongside the other new additions in the area. As Columbus grows, this is an opportunity to establish the community as one strong in culture, economic growth, and tourism. As construction moves forward, Columbus is buzzing with excitement about the potential growth the build will bring.

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