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‘The House’ opens the door to wellness

The House

Columbus, Nebraska’s innovative new fieldhouse, stands as a symbol of progress and community collaboration. In a partnership between the local hospital and the YMCA, this facility aims to be a beacon of progress, showcasing Platte County’s capabilities of advancing athletic pursuits and community building. The House offers a large number of amenities, including tennis courts, an indoor full-size football/soccer field, state-of-the-art weight training rooms, golf simulators, mini golf, batting cages, and more.

Beyond being a hot spot for sports lovers, The House is designed to foster community connections. It serves as a space where Columbus residents can come together, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. This multipurpose facility also plays an important role in promoting health and wellness by offering a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

As an exciting stop for visitors coming to the Platte County area, The House sheds light on the local community’s commitment to progress and wellness. By combining healthcare, recreation, and community engagement, this fieldhouse exemplifies the power of partnerships in creating spaces that uplift and unify the Platte County area. The House in Columbus stands as a testament to our community’s dedication to improving the well-being and growth of all residents and visitors.


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