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Lindsay Pivot Days just around the corner

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A weekend of fun, food and entertainment!

On June 28 & 29, Lindsay Pivot Days is hosting a weekend full of fun, food, and entertainment. This community celebration is open to anyone looking for a great time and is a testament to bringing a community together. 

History of the Lindsay Zimmatic Pivot
Lindsay is a small vibrant town in Northeast Nebraska overflowing with history. In 1955, Paul Zimmerer opened a farm equipment business in Lindsay, Nebraska which was later coined Lindsay Corporation. His focus was an irrigation towline for rough field terrain which became very successful from the start. 

In 1960, Zimmerer’s sons designed and built the first Zimmatic center pivot. In 2019, the town celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first Zimmatic Pivot. Although Lindsay is full of history, it is also full of time-honored traditions and family. The people in this small town are friendly, caring, and rooted in faith. 

Pivot Days created
“The history of Pivot Days began in 2018 with a local economic development group in Lindsay called Lindsay Area Development (LAD). The name was selected as a nod to the largest employer in the community and what Lindsay is recognized for, the Lindsay Zimmatic Pivots,” stated Jenny Korth, Lindsay Area Development Secretary/Treasurer. “Lindsay Corporation was also one of the early financial supporters of LAD. The company donates a pivot tower and span annually to be auctioned, thereby giving the event its namesake.”

Pivot Days was created to bring the community together while serving as the annual fundraiser event. Other local communities have annual festivals and celebrations, and this event is a way to share what makes Lindsay special. Community projects are also showcased during the celebration.

Mark your calendar
You won’t want to miss this celebration of community, culture, and creativity. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and join us for a day of laughter, great people, and fun activities!

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