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10 Millionth Model T takes to the Lincoln Highway

10-millionth Model T Car

Traveling ‘Sea to Sea’ for 100th Anniversary

by Clara Preister, CVB Intern

Nebraska’s Lincoln Highway Historic Byway is the byway that traverses the entire state. Now known as the U.S. Highway 30, this historic route lets you enjoy a leisurely tour. The original Lincoln Highway encompassed much more than Highway 30. Along the way, you are able to truly get off the beaten path and experience many of the original alignments. 

“The Lincoln Highway is known as the ‘Main Street Across Nebraska’ and was the first paved coast-to-coast highway, spanning 3,380 miles through 13 states connecting New York to San Francisco. Several of the states the Lincoln Highway travels through are designated Scenic Byways, including Nebraska which was nationally designated in 2021,” according to Sarah Focke, President of the Nebraska chapter of the Lincoln Highway Byway. 

Columbus attractions along the way

As you navigate the Lincoln Highway Byway through Columbus, Nebraska, take in the amazing re-creation of World War II’s famous Higgins boat. You will find it in the Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial located in Pawnee Park. On a warm summer day, dip in the Pawnee Plunge Water Park with a lazy river, slides and more. 

Pull up to the Dusters Restaurant/Gottberg Brew Pub to enjoy their famous root beer or grab a bite to eat. Dusters was named for the long jackets worn by travelers on the Lincoln Highway. Fords were sold and assembled in the unique Gottberg building built in 1920. If you look up, there are cement antique cars adding character and charm to the building’s top and remind you of its legacy. Continue on the historic path and grab a burger and ice cold brew at Glur’s Tavern. The tavern is the oldest continuously operated tavern west of the Missouri River and was established in 1876. 

Anniversary trek underway

In June 1924, the Ford Motor Company drove the ten-millionth Model T from New York to San Francisco via the Lincoln Highway as a promotional effort. To celebrate this historical event and its 100th Anniversary, a trek from New York to San Francisco in a 1924 Model T Ford is underway. The Model T made its way through Nebraska June 10-14th, 2024. The ten-millionth Model T recreation on display at the Museum of American Speed was recently donated by the family of the late Dr. Alan Hathaway. The Model T has made the trip across the country three times now, once for the 50th anniversary, the 75th anniversary, and now the 100th anniversary. 

Look for the iconic red, white, and blue signs indicating you are traveling this scenic byway. Through it all, you’ll discover diversity, nostalgia, and small-town charm!

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